Didgridoo_Berlin Special Kicks

Didgeridoo Workshop: Special Kicks with one of the most experienced teachers in Europe!

Somehow you are missing the ideas? Do you always play the same? This workshop will give you the special kicks you need to get ahead with your didgeridoo playing!

  • breakbeat techniques and extreme Cuts
  • different kind of separated and integrated overblows (Toots), breath on the toot
  • very fast Rhythm components combining fluent vocal pattern
  • connecting sounds
  • trombone didgeridoo/slide didgeridoo techniques and melody lines

requirements: “Advanced Basics” (or similar abilities)

Duration intensive: 1 day x 6 hrs
(@ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs)
min: 4 participants
max: 12 participants

(alternating group and individual lessons)

fee: 60-90,- €

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Sun, 26 May 2019
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