trance dream create didgeridoo journey

TRANCE DREAM CREATE – The Didgeridoo journey into a dreamlike state to create!

Immerse yourself in the magical sound of the didgeridoo and invite your body, soul and spirit to be carried away by the special sound and the deep vibrations.

In this protected setting with a maximum of 20 participants, you will get to feel the special vibration of the didgeridoo up close. You can simply enjoy Marc’s* music or dive into the dream-like state that allows you to dedicate yourself to manifesting your future. The ritual trance journey can relax your brain waves into the present moment. When you intentionally immerse yourself in it and fully enter into the higher feeling of your vision, you create a truly magical space.


Sun, 12 November 2023
  • TRANCE DREAM CREATE - Didgeridoo trance journey

Sat, 09 December 2023
  • TRANCE DREAM CREATE - Didgeridoo trance journey

Sun, 14 January 2024
  • TRANCE DREAM CREATE - Didgeridoo trance journey

Sat, 10 February 2024
  • TRANCE DREAM CREATE - Didgeridoo trance journey


18:00 Admission (please arrive on time)
18:20 Start
20:00 End


Salon Neukölln
Berlin, two minutes from the city hall Neukölln
(the exact address will be given after registration)


Please bring what you need to be comfortable and warm (mat, pillow, blanket, warm socks etc.)

If there are goals / desires / visions for you that you would like to draw into your life, feel free to bring them. If not, don`t worry. In the beginning, there will be an opportunity to find your own personal intention for your journey.


support: 35,- €
normal: 25,- €
reduced: 15,- €
(no card payment possible)

maximum capacity: 20 people

  • The didgeridoo professional MARC MIETHE already sang in the boy’s choir of the German opera Berlin and discovered the Aboriginal instrument in 1992 as a bass player. He studied psychology and is a trained body psychotherapist (EABP). His “spectacular virtuosity” and “wealth of ideas second to none” have led him to worldwide concerts with the superstar Arijit Singh (MTV India), the Staatskapelle, the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, at the Fusion Festival, the Love Parade, the DLD or the Sennheiser Global Conference, for BMW (Monte Carlo), SAP (Nice), Thomas Cook or the 12th IAAF World Championships, among others.