Marc Miethe – Didgeridoo Artists and Teacher

Marc Miethe launched his musical career at the children’s choir of the “Deutsche Oper” (German Opera, Berlin) and discovered the didgeridoo in 1992 as a bass player. With his bands Circular Breathing, Peshkar, Gnawa Impulse, Boobinga (with Armin Metz), BiOS, O.Ton ProjektMantra Tribe and Didges Brew and his solo projects, he developed his very personal access to the didgeridoo. The qualified Body Psycho Therapist had been passing on his knowledge as a teacher since 1994 and published several articles about Didge Playing.

Marc Miethe had numerous appearances and workshops at world-wide festivals, didgeridoo, and company events, at trade fairs as well as on radio and TV. Some highlights included a tour with the Indian superstar Arijit Singh (MTV India), he played with the brass quintet of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Berlin, Pop Meets Classic, Klangzeit Festival, DLD Conference, World Youth Festival, Respect Festival Prague, Fusion Festival, Love Parade, Sennheiser Global Conference, BMW Formula 1 Party Monte Carlo, SAP Fair Nice, Thomas Cook, MTV Select or the official opening of the 12th IAAF World Championship.

Together with other musicians Marc launched the Berlin-based world music network Cross Culture Music in 1999 and works as a booking agent since.

He contributed his didgeridoo art for about 20-25 albums & samplers.

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In addition to rhythmic vocals used in jazz and various cultures around the world, Marc also uses mouth-percussion techniques modified for the Didgeridoo, such as “beat-box” (mouth drums). He owes his particularly percussive and punchy playing style to the pulse of his hometown of Berlin.

“… storms of Enthusiasm …” (Badische Zeitung) “… literally spectacular …” (Hildesheimer Allgemeine) “… That’s supernatural. So you can not play the didgeridoo like that. … “(a fan)” … an intensity and an ingenuity that is second to none … “(DNN)” a real blast “(sonomag)” … world music in new dimensions … “(HNA Kassel) Grooving, with five o! … a master of mouth percussion “(Badische Zeitung) …