Didgeridoo Lessons with one of the pioneers in Europe!

Marc Miethe ranks as one of the most experienced Didgeridoo performers and teachers in Europe!

In his didgeridoo lessons, he loves to share his profound knowledge. As a trained body psychotherapist and one of the most experienced didgeridoo pros and teachers, Marc Miethe will help you to play louder, faster, more precise and more powerful, but at the same time much more relaxed! With lots of fun and a wide range of sounds, exercises, and rhythms, he explores with the participants the development of the first clear drone, the different sounds and the not-so-mysterious circular breathing to sophisticated rhythms and very percussive playing. Even for very experienced players, who were already on stage or teaching, he has many tips and new grooves in stock.

Learning didgeridoo is not difficult … Marc Miethe helps you to make a living for the didgeridoo!

Classes and participation in the workshops are also POSSIBLE ONLINE!

Learn Didgeridoo in workshops

Marc offers Workshops to find the first clear and powerful drone with varied sounds, the unspectacular circular breathing in his Beginners‘ workshops to sly rhythms and very percussive styles.

For everyone else, there is the Make-a-Wish-Workshop. Depending on the chosen module, Marc teaches you advanced basics to play smoothly. If you want to bring more variety into your didgeridoo game, you are right with the modules Special Kicks, Beatbox for the didgeridoo, traditional playing or rhythm.

Who really is serious: Marc teaches how to survive as a Didgeridoo in a Band and on Stage and Studio, “How to teach Didgeridoo”, and gives School and Show Workshops.

Participation in the workshops is also POSSIBLE ONLINE!

One-to-one lessons / small groups

If you prefer Marc to be alone, you are welcome to arrange one-to-one didgeridoo lessons. Very effective !!!

If you are interested in a group but can not attend the workshops, there is the possibility of small group lessons. With enough participants, he can even travel to you!

Participation in the one-to-one lessons is also POSSIBLE ONLINE!

Didgeridoo tutorial

Part of his knowledge for beginners is also very useful for advanced didgeridoo learners. In two articles once written for the Didgeridoo & Co. Magazine, he has put together for you two online tutorials with audio samples:

Didgeridoo tutorial: basics of didgeridoo playing – requirements, embouchure & diaphragm support

Didgeridoo tutorial: basics of didgeridoo playing (Part 2) – vowels & consonants

Are you interested in circular breathing? Marc explains exactly how it works in a free video!

Didgeridoo Video Tutorial: Circular breathing mastered! (1/3) super effective & in-depth: The Tongue Push

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