circular breathing mastered

Circular breathing mastered! (1/3) super effective & in-depth: The Tongue Push

The infinite sound …

Didgeridoo Playing Guide: Didgeridoo Playing Basics (Part 3)

This is the first (of 3) parts of my online video tutorial on circular breathing. You will discover many new things as a novice or professional and become more versatile, aware, and confident in circular breathing. For example, you will learn why the tongue is about 10 times more effective than the cheeks in circular breathing (permanent breathing)!

30 years of experience in 36 abundant minutes!

Step by step you will learn the not so difficult technique of the infinite sound on your instrument. Thousands of tried and tested exercises, simple rhythms and a well-founded explanation of the real processes and myths will quickly bring you to your goal on the didgeridoo, on woodwind or brass instruments, the harmonica, on flutes, or beatboxing!



The Plop

The hoopoe

Exercises with water

Exercises with air

Translation to the didgeridoo:

The Breathing approach

The Sound approach


Myths: jaw and throat breathing

I recommend my didgeridoo playing guide “Fundamentals of Didgeridoo Playing” for preparation:

part 1: Tutorial: Playing the Didgeridoo – A Foundation (Requirements, Embouchure & Diaphragm support)

part 2: Tutorial: Playing the Didgeridoo – A Foundation: vowels & consonants