Didgeridoo Workshop for Beginners with one of the most experienced teachers in Europe!

Marc Miethe´s didgeridoo workshop for beginners is suitable for beginners from the age of 8 years. Systematically, we explore the good sound, various fundamental sounds, and the circular breathing that allows you to hold a tone as you inhale.

  • Embouchure for a brilliant, clear and powerful basic drone without not intended noise
  • diaphragm supported louder, but at the same time relaxed playing
  • singing, precise harmonics/overtones
  • basic Sounds and changes with your tongue, belly, voice, lips, throat, cheeks and jaw
  • basic Rhythms, pattern
  • the foundation of rhythm notation
  • Circular Breathing technique

Tips about: history, instrument tuning, maintenance, and building Didgeridoos by yourselves


Classes and participation in the workshops is also POSSIBLE ONLINE!

If you prefer to work one one-on-one with me, you can also take private lessons.

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