Here you will find a selection of live and studio videos of the Berlin didgeridoo professional Marc Miethe and his bands. Enjoy browsing!

New Video about Circular Breathing!

This is the first (of 3) parts of my online video tutorial on circular breathing. You will discover many new things as a novice or professional and become more versatile, aware, and confident in circular breathing. For example, you will learn why the tongue is about 10 times more effective than the cheeks in circular breathing (permanent breathing)! 30 years of experience in 36 bulging minutes!

Marc Miethe – Solo didgeridoo with his DJ-Looper

Mantra Tribe – promo video 2017

O.Ton Projekt – live studio session

Cathrin Pfeifer & Band – Record Release Party

Marc Miethe as a guest of the Symphonic Pop Orchestra

BiOS – New Ambient at the Creole Contest

O.Ton Projekt – Wang Tang, Marc Miethe on the didjeribone

Marc Miethe plays Yoram Shivans Snake Didgeridoo – pyrography design by Julia Surba

Cowboy Chica – didjeribone at the Residencia de Didgeridoo – Portugal

“Happy Birthday” on the didgeridoo

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