Live&Studio Didgeridoo Videos

Here you will find a selection of live and studio videos of the Berlin didgeridoo professional Marc Miethe and his bands. The videos show Marc in action, masterfully exploring the unique soundscapes of the didgeridoo.

Whether on stage or in the studio, his skills as a musician and his passion for his instrument are fully showcased. In the live recordings, one can feel the energy and the connection he builds with his audience, while the studio sessions provide insights into his creative work. Each video is a testament to his artistic journey and underscores his role as one of the leading didgeridoo artists in Germany.

Enjoy browsing!

An Ode to the Metronome
Marc Miethe – Solo Didgeridoo – with a DJ-Looper
Mantra Tribe – Promo-Video 2017
O.Ton Projekt – live studio session
Cathrin Pfeifer & Band – Record Release Party
Marc Miethe as guest at Symphonic Pop Orchestra
BiOS – New Ambient at Creole Contest
O.Ton Projekt – Wang Tang, Marc Miethe on Didjeribone
Marc Miethe plays Yoram Shivans Snake Didgeridoo – Pyrography Design from Julia Surba