Workshop Registration Form


Registration & Cancelation
For the registration for workshops and courses I ask for a transfer of the participation fee or a down payment. The account details follow in an email. The registration becomes valid and binding after receipt of the workshop fee.

If an appointment has to be canceled, please note the following: Up to 3 days before the workshop or class starts and 3 hours before single and small group lessons, we can arrange a follow-up appointment. In the event of a later cancellation, a replacement person can be provided, otherwise, the appointment expires and the registration fee is not refunded. Exceptions are cases of force majeure, as defined in the Civil Code of Germany.

fee range, Payment in cash
The given fee range allows you a voluntary reduction according to self-assessment.

A payment in cash is possible, but I ask you to get in contact about one week before the offer once again.

individual- and small-group lessons
Individual and small group lessons in Berlin can be arranged by mail or phone and paid in cash.

If you sign up for multiple participants, you can save as a group!

Your own or lending instruments
It has advantages to practice on the same INSTRUMENT that you normally play on. So if you have one, bring it with you.

These and more lending instruments I provide (also as an “assistant teacher”) in my workshop & showroom free of charge.

Voucher will be given after payment in advance. You can get the voucher by email (pdf) or by post.
outside Berlin and Festivals
For lessons outside Berlin or at festivals usually the registration conditions of the local organizers.

If I we find enough participants I could also maybe travel to you. Maybe there are didgeridoo other enthusiasts in your area?

Another option would be distance learning via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

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