Workshop: How to teach Didgeridoo

Do you want to pass on your experience as a didgeridoo player to others? But you still lack ideas for the teaching structure and you want to gain background knowledge? I offer my training as a didgeridoo teacher as a group training or individual training.

  • Reasoned teaching structure
  • group dynamics at workshop classes, events, Festivals and in schools/kindergarten
  • background knowledge about Rhythm training & timing exercises
  • the theory about the physiological processes (Marc is a qualified body-psycho-therapist)
  • Didge and Snoring/apnea and other healing effects for the player
  • taking care of the student’s abilities, posture, expression, breath and playing routines
  • final verification as a guest teacher at the beginners class

requirements: Advanced Basics, Special Kicks, Rhythm Dynamics and Didge in a band (or similar experience)

Duration intensive: 4 days x 4 hrs plus 2 days as a guest teacher in the beginner class [A]
min: 3 participants
max: 5 participants