Didgeridoo Workshop: Didgeridoo in a band

At some point, you may be tempted to play the didgeridoo in a band with other musicians. Marc shows you how to survive with this special instrument in interaction with others and make a good figure!

(possible with local guest teachers on percussion, drums, bass, keys, guitar)

  • more Rhythm training & timing exercises
  • exercises for the didge, really loud playing
  • piece building, arrangement, big cycles
  • live communication with the band/playing with other instruments
  • how to function and survive as a Didgeridoo player in a band

basics of improvisation, free playing, Soloing, impulses to find your own Style

requirements: “Advanced Basics” (or similar abilities)

Duration intensive: 2 days x 4 hrs
min: 4 participants
max: 10 participants

to workshop registration

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