Didgeridoo Workshop: Beatbox for the didgeridoo & more Specialities

This workshop is about Beatbox for the didgeridoo. In addition to the classic didgeridoo sounds, much more sounds can be produced with the mouth. This workshop will take your didgeridoo playing to a whole new level! Depending on your interests, we also deal with tunable slide didgeridoos or particularly deep instruments.

  • Beat-Box (drums & other instruments with the mouth) for Didgeridoo player
  • Didgeridoo sounds without the didgeridoo
  • trombone didgeridoo/slide didgeridoo techniques and melody lines
  • playing with very long and special instruments and what they teach us

Duration intensive: 1 day x 6 hrs
(@ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs)
min: 4 participants
max: 12 participants

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