Didgeridoo Workshop for advanced learners: Choose what you want to learn!

This didgeridoo workshop for intermediate and advanced is the Make-a-wish course!

At each of the appointments, you can choose one module that interests you or Marc will suggest exercises that will keep you safe and open doors! Depending on the choice of the other participants, you also get some of their modules. It is advisable to have previously attended the beginner’s workshop or at least to be able to have a stable drone and a little circular breathing.

"Bring your didgeridoo back to life!"

How long, how expensive, when?

Six hours including lunch break (at festivals: 2-6 hours) with at least three to a maximum of 12 participants.

If there are too few registrations, you can also learn your module on the same date in 2.5 hours of private lessons or in 4 hours for two participants.

Classes and participation in the workshops is also POSSIBLE ONLINE!


Module 1: Advanced Basics (playing technique options)

... for all who want it to go rounder!

The Didgeridoo Workshop “Advanced Basics” is your choice if you just want to play more persevering, more conscious, more relaxed, a little more varied or more melodic. Even if the breathing is not quite round yet, you can continue here!

  • Alternative techniques of circular breathing (tongue push, bounce breath, passive breathing, tongue bottom, cry on breathing), breath economy (air distribution with in and out breath)
  • We practice and systematically recognize the playing possibilities on the didgeridoo with the tongue, the voice, the cheeks, the jaw, throat, the abdomen & the diaphragm, and our lips
  • Didgeridoo-Gym“: Training exercises for the didgeridoo

Module 2: Special Kicks (fast, louder & clearer playing)

... for all those who ran out of ideas!

Somehow you are missing the ideas? Do you always play the same? And that too quiet and too slow? This module will give you the special kicks you need to get ahead! A didgeridoo workshop module for the slightly advanced …

  • fast processes, powerful yet fluid tongue techniques
  • really loud playing
  • Breakbeat techniques and clear structure of the sounds
  • flowing connection sounds
  • Incorporation of the overblown Toot sounds into the basic drone, inhalation on the Toot

Module 3: Rhythm (Dynamic & Structure)

... for all who are looking for more variety!

This is the module if you want to bring more rhythmic variety and structure into your didgeridoo playing. By the way, you also learn to express better with the instrument here. “One two THREE four five …”

  • Clarification and playful construction of tense rhythms
  • Rhythm: theory, rhythm training, timing exercises with the metronome
  • Speech rhythms from different parts of the world, odd rhythms
  • “Padding vs. Thinning”, on-beat & off-beat
  • Structure formation through “big cycles” with effective dynamics, sound and rhythm changes

Module 4: Beatbox (Drums with your mouth)

... for those who want to get the most out of their skills!

This module is about Beatbox for the didgeridoo. In addition to the classic didgeridoo sound, you can create many more sounds with the mouth. This module will take your didgeridoo playing to a whole new level!

  • Beatbox (drums and other instruments with the mouth) for didgeridoo players
  • Didgeridoo sounds with the mouth and the hollow hand

Module 5: Traditional Playing

... for all interested in the origin!

The Aborigines have many thousand years of experience playing the didgeridoo. Truly traditional playing requires a deep and broad understanding of the stories and rituals that are involved in the ceremonies. Even within the clans, only a select few are called to it. Or simply said … you must have grown up as an Aborigine.

I am not an Aborigine and have not lived with them for many years. That is, all I can teach you is an approximation of the special traditional sound production and some basic rhythms and playing techniques. I also have some background to teach, but that would be beyond the scope of a hands-on workshop.

  • retroflex tongue use
  • traditional rhythms
  • Breathing without cheek help
  • orchestral vocal beats & concise screams

Module 6: Special instruments (Slide Didgeridoos, polyphonics, …)

... for those who want to get to know the melodious soul of the pipe!

A didgeridoo workshop module for those interested in the soul of the pipe! Depending on your interest, we deal with tunable slide didgeridoos, especially deep and melodic instruments or so-called multidrones.

  • Techniques and handling of the tuneable trombone didgeridoo (eg didjeribone)
  • Playing with very deep didgeridoos and what they can teach us
  • Computational designed didgeridoos (e.g., CADSD) with tuned toots, flute, and vocal resonances open up new melodic worlds
  • Multidrone instruments are didgeridoos with a shape that makes it easier to play several basic notes. The term and style of play were coined by William Thoren.

Module 7: Didgeridoo in a Band

... for those who want with others!

At some point, you might be tempted to play the didgeridoo with other musicians in a band. Marc shows you how to survive with this special instrument in interaction with others and make a good figure!

  • Interaction with other instruments, communication, and functions of the didgeridoo in the band
  • Combine basic rhythms and “rhythm blocks” into arrangements
  • co-development of pieces, notation, and agreements
  • Basics of improvisation, solo parts

Modules for pros

Unfortunately, the professional modules cannot usually be combined with other modules. They need more individual attention, equipment, and theory or take longer. But of course, they are open to all, even non-professionals!

Pro-Module 1: Didgeridoo in concert & studio

... for all who would like to come out!

It is about time. Do you want to earn money with the didgeridoo playing or just play ambitious or play something for friends? At the Didgeridoo Workshop Concert & Studio, I teach you valuable knowledge from decades of experience as a professional didgeridoo player. I will equip you for the stage and studio routine!

  • Dealing with different stage situations, stage fright
  • Basic knowledge of live technique and Soundcheck (equipment provided)
  • Recording situation and studio technique
  • Find concerts (Marc is a professional booker at Cross Culture Music)
  • Concert process, T-Rider, contract

Pro-Module 2: Training as a didgeridoo teacher

... for those who are really serious!

Do you want to pass on your experience as a didgeridoo player to others? But you still lack ideas for teaching structure and you want to gain background knowledge? I offer my training as a didgeridoo teacher as a group training or individual training.

  • Suggestions and ideas for didgeridoo teachers, meaningful lesson-building
  • Group dynamics at workshops, events, festivals and in schools / day-care centers
  • Background information on rhythm training & timing exercises
  • Theory on physiological processes in the playing (Marc is a trained body psychotherapist),
  • Background to “Didge & Snoring / Apnea, Asthma”
  • Attention to skills, posture, expression, breathing & playing routine of the students
  • Advertising, finding students
  • The final exam as a guest teacher in the beginner course

Requirements: “Advanced Basics“, “Beatbox & Special Kicks”, “Rhythm Dynamics” and “Didge in a Band / Entertainment” or comparable skills


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