O.Ton Projekt

Tracking the overtone singing since 2000 with a heart for the Portuguese Fado, guitarist Daniel Pircher has found a very own and imaginative way to conjure up a whole musical world from the seemingly limited range of overtone series. Interwoven with the sounds of his classical guitar, he creates a wonderful harmonic variety that combines the archaic roots of overtone singing with the wide horizon that music can have today.

Musicians of the O.Ton Projekt

Daniel Pircher: overtone singing / vocals / guitar
Stefanie John: Campanula
Marc Miethe: Didgeridoo

O.Ton Projekt – band website

Overtone singing, what’s that?
The overtone singing is a vocal technique originating from Tuva and Mongolia, which allows the singer to sing two notes simultaneously. By modulating the oral cavity, an additional high flute-like tone is produced to the normally sung tone.

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