Traumkreis (dream circle) Nov. 25 – 2022 in Dresden

We are looking forward to hosting another Traumkreis in Dresden. The Traumkreis is a unique didgeridoo concert by Michel Hell and Marc Miethe. In it, they play the didgeridoo in a way that creates a dream-like state of consciousness. Actually, it is not a concert, but rather a deep psychoactive sound experience.

You are invited to lie on the floor and bathe in the ocean of sound that will uplift you in body, mind and spirit.

The dream circle runs for 2 hours.

It is introduced with a short meditation, followed by the mystical sound of the didgeridoo, with the hosts taking turns. The earthy sounds of many didgeridoos tuned to each other create intense beatings that stimulate your brain waves and thus inner experience.

Towards the end, we bring you back to the present with gentle melodies.

We recommend that you wear clothes that are not constricting and do not hinder your breathing. Bring a yoga mat as a base and a light blanket if necessary.

The minimum age is 16, due to the intense experience and need for silence at this event.


13,- € (9,- € reduced) to be paid at the event
Space is limited.

For Information and registration simply email us:


Friday, November 25 – 2022
doors open. 6:30 pm
concert 7 pm-9 pm


Freie Montessorischule / Huckepack Grundschule

Glashütter Straße 10
01309 Dresden

The Artists

Marc Miethe

Marc Miethe launched his musical career at the children’s choir of the “Deutsche Oper” (German Opera, Berlin) and discovered the didgeridoo in 1992 as a bass player. With his bands Circular Breathing, Peshkar, Gnawa Impulse, Boobinga (with Armin Metz), BiOS, O.Ton ProjektMantra Tribe and Didges Brew and his solo projects, he developed his very personal access to the didgeridoo. The qualified Body Psycho Therapist had been passing on his knowledge as a teacher since 1994 and published several articles about Didgeridoo playing.

Marc Miethe had numerous appearances and workshops at worldwide festivals, didgeridoo, and company events, at trade fairs as well as on radio and TV. Some highlights included a tour with the Indian superstar Arijit Singh (MTV India), he played with the brass quintet of the Staatskapelle Berlin, Pop Meets Classic, Klangzeit Festival, DLD Conference, World Youth Festival, Respect Festival Prague, Fusion Festival, Love Parade, Sennheiser Global Conference, BMW Formula 1 Party Monte Carlo, SAP Fair Nice, Thomas Cook, MTV Select or the official opening of the 12th IAAF World Championship.

Together with other musicians Marc launched the Berlin-based world music network Cross Culture Music in 1999 and works as a booking agent since.

He contributed his didgeridoo arts for about 20-25 albums & samplers.

Michael Hell

Classical trombone training in the music school
2004 Australia Travel with first experiences at the Didgeridoo. Since then band projects and performances

Big thanks to Marius Beyer who invented the Traumkreis in Germany and couldn’t join in Dresden ♥

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