Traumkreis (dream circle) June 18 2021 in Dresden

We are excited to present another Traumkreis („dream circle“) in Dresden. This immersive sound experience is going to take place in this space with its extraordinaire acoustic.

The Traumkreis is a unique art of concert from Michael Hell and Marc Miethe. The Didgeridoo will be played in a style, which leads to a dreamlike state of consciousness.

You are invited to lay on the ground and be bathed in a sonorous ocean of sound that saturates your body, mind, and soul.

The dream circle experience runs for two hours.
It begins with a short meditation, followed by the sound meditative sound of the Didgeridoo. Smooth melodies close the experience and guide you back to reality.

We recommend wearing clothing, which does not constrain or interfere the own breathing. It is also required to bring a yoga mat and a thin blanket.

Minimum age 16 years, due to the intensive experience of this event and the need for silence.


13,- € (9,- € reduced) to be paid at the event
Space is limited.

for Information and registration simply send us an email:


June 18 – 2021
doors open. 5:30 pm
concert 6 pm-8 pm


We will tell you the place after the registration.

The Artists

Since he discovered the Didgeridoo when he was an E-Bass player in 1992, he figured out the endless possibilities of this simple wooden tube and uses it for „mouth percussion“ and also for singing techniques. In 1994 he founded the legendary Didgeridoo Trio Circular Breathing which was a real pioneer project in Europe. It was followed by the quartet Peshkar, which contributed a big part to the world music scene (Zitty/Berlin ´99).

He had many shows on various festivals and fairs, e.g. with DJ Medy Soul, in radio and tv, e.g. Radio Brandenburg, Radio Multikulti, Deutschlandradio, Radio Eins or on MTV (with Danii Minogue). He was a guest musician on the CD living remixes of Gnawa Impulse („A milestone of the Ethno-Underground, Blue Rhythm). Since 1994, the trained physical therapist gives Didgeridoo lessons and Workshops. Based on this enormous experience he developed a comprehensive system for teaching the didgeridoo, for beginners, advanced players, and pros. In 1999 he founded the international musician network „Cross Culture Music“, which promotes other musicians Europe wide.

Classical trombone training in the music school
2004 Australia Travel with first experiences at the Didgeridoo. Since then band projects and performances

Big thanks to Marius Beyer who invented the Traumkreis in Germany and couldn’t join in Dresden ♥

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